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By accident was founded in 2004 as a result of the exhibition “Face/off”. Within the circumference of “Face/off” James Sutherland and Ballett Pforzheim together with the group kunstlauf developed a dance project “Body Installation”, which placed the dancing body in a media surrounding. When we speak about the body, we speak always about different role models or representations, which are defined in the classical spaces – museums, theaters and parliaments etc. The present crisis of the traditional places for representation are a sign for, that many sided new forums and new picture worlds are emerging. The body, which can itself be understood as a medium, expands itself in the surrounding media worlds. At the same time the body is being taken over and newly described by these worlds. Starting with choreographic pictures by accident developes their projects in the medial boundaries between dance, text and film with the aim to open new spheres in choreography.