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Body Installation



Heidegger and the question

In Division Two of „Being and Time“ Martin Heidegger developed the most significant analysis on the subject of death in the 20th Century. Through the anticipation of death “the being-toward-death” the socalled Da-sein experiences the essence of its constitution, to be exact the “being-in-the-world”. Da-sein means a project (outline) of possibilities too, which really make existence possible for the first time . Heidegger´s question is the question about the meaning of being, which perhaps only on the brink of death can be experienced.

Beyond is less a dance project, rather more a performance, in which the dancing body is projected from its end, the outstanding death. The props are reduced to one light position, the voices and noises of the dancers and a grey video projection. In the intervals of no movement the dancers read sections from “Being and time”. The kitsch wording of Heidegger´s text experience a reactivation through the resonant board of the bodies. That allows to experience“being-in-the-world” as an event within the spheres of tension from spoken and bodily action and interaction.