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Body Installation



Body fantasies

Our body is a product, a media fantasy. That means absolutely not, that there is no body, rather only, that we are always using a body role model or rather a working representation. (the natural body would then also be only a role model too). The changing of body role model, or rather the shifting of a model to another, one can clearly observe in commercial cinema. The dream of a new body dates back to the romantic era (Mary Shelley´s Frankenstein), and has been a large subject for cinema for the last 100 years. In no other place in our culture has the absolute plasticity, transformability and indestructibility of the body been so acclaimed as in Hollywood.

In the dance project “Body Installation” (2004) various forms of medial spaces, including choreographic pictures, Andy Warhol´s Screentest and clips from different mainstream films are combined or rather put together. On the edge of theses spaces it comes to a shifting and diffusion of levels. So that the body in this sphere becomes a media fantasy and can be experienced as a representation.